Campaign for support from the Oslo Catholic diocese to St. Johannes Congregation in Groruddalen

Dear Paris­hio­ners, belie­vers and fri­ends,

It is now 1 year sin­ce the estab­lish­ment of St. Johan­nes Apos­tel og Evan­ge­lilst Church. The church was foun­ded by Bis­hop Bernt Eids­vig Can. Reg, Bis­hop of The Oslo Dioce­se on the 15th of march 2013 and was sol­emn­ly inau­gu­rated at the Pon­ti­fi­cal Mass on the 9th of May, the As-cen­sion Thurs­day, the same year.

The Parish has grown tremen­dous­ly. The Church pews are full and more are being added. In the cour­se of 6 mon­ths it has been neces­sa­ry to expand the church and open the partition doors to the church hall to accom­mo­da­te all the visi­tors on Sun­days. Dear belie­vers and fri­ends, wit­hout your help, genero­sity, and pray­ers we would not have come so far in such a short time. This genero­sity and devo­tion has been a power­ful for­ce in our mul­ti-cul­tural con-gre­ga­tion which is an honor to God’s Church through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

We have been in dia­lo­gue with the dioce­se regar­ding our finan­ci­al situa­tion. We know that it costs 1,1 mil­lion annual­ly to rent the church, but our long term plan is to purchase it. This is neces­sa­ry so that we will have enough room for mass and all our acti­vities whe­re our Cat­h­o­lic fai­th can be repre­sented and devel­o­ped by the call of the Gos­pel. I would like to announ­ce to eve­ryone that during this mon­th we will start a cam­paign for “avtale­giro”.

The cam­paign is sup­ported by the Cat­h­o­lic Dioce­se:

For eve­ry kro­ner that is given, The Oslo Cat­h­o­lic Dioce­se will give 1 kro­ner extra. For examp­le if you dona­te kr. 100,00 a mon­th, will your total dona­tion for the year be 1.200,- which is a gift to St. Johan­nes. In addition the Dioce­se will give the same amount to the Parish. The total will equal kr. 2400,- . You will also be credi­ted 28% of your dona­tion from the Govern­ment. St. Johan­nes will still rece­i­ve 100% of what you dona­te. See the atta­ched docu­ment for more expla­na­tion.

I would like to encoura­ge as many as pos­sib­le to par­ti­ci­pa­te in this cam­paign which will be a win-win situa­tion for all par­ties. Even if is just a small amount eve­ry mon­th that we all give, it will be an enor­mous sum for our Parish. Having a fixed income from these dona­tions will be a sig­ni­fi­cant help to mana­ge our eco­no­my and run the Parish.

In addition to the rental fee of 1,1 mil­lion of the Church, the­re are also other expen­ses like elec-tri­city, was­te mana­ge­ment, sala­ry for the staff, insu­ran­ce, and varies other expen­ses.

«Avtale­giro­blan­ket­ter» are avai­lab­le in the foy­er which alre­ady have St. Johan­nes printed on the form. Please fill out the form and return it to a priest or you can send it direct­ly to the Os-lo Dioce­se. If you need help feeling out the form please con­tact p. Phu or the Parish Sec­re-tary.

I ask that all mem­bers give a litt­le so that we will be strong in our com­mu­ni­ty. Thank you for your atten­tion and genero­sity and bene­vo­len­ce.

I Kris­tus,

P. Domi­ni­kus Nguy­en Thanh Phu