Celebrating 1 year since St. Johannes Apostel og Evangelist has been established in Grorud

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Time flies and soon it will be one year sin­ce the Parish’s estab­lish­ment. We will cele­brate the 1 year anni­ver­sa­ry on the 1st of May. We will have mass at 6pm and then a bar­be­que on the lawn. bursdagWe have of cour­se orde­red sun-shi­ne for the occa­sion. Lotte­ry tick­ets will be sold and prizes will be award-ed the same day. The ear­ning for the day will go to the St. Johan­nes Cari­tas work. If you would like to make a dona­tion for the birth­day cele­bra­tion, you are wel­come. This can be done by making a pay­ment to our church ac-count num­ber: 3000.30.11856.

Wel­come to our Cele­bra­tion!