Children’s Bible distribution

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St. John the Apost­le and Evan­ge­list parish, is cor­dial­ly invi­ting all four-year-old child­ren to attend the Sunday’s Holy Mass on the 7th of Decem­ber at 11:00 a.m.

barnebibelThe­re will be dis­tri­bu­tion of child­rens Bib­le during the mass.
The child’s name will be cal­led up by the cele­bra­ting priest. And accom­pa­nied by his/her
parents to the altar, the child will take and rece­i­ve the blessed Bib­le.
We are reques­ting all paris­hio­ners who has a four-year-old child/children to con­tact the parish office
before Sun­day, the 30th of Novem­ber, and have their names listed.
Email add.:
Tel.: 23 68 11 00 (St. John’s parish office)
This is St. John’s gift to the child­ren, and do not cost any­ting.
But if you wish to con­tri­bute and dona­te for St. John’s devel­op­ment and apo­sto­lic works, you can sim­ply drop your dona­tion envel­o­pes at St. John’s money box or send direct­ly to the parish’ bank account: 3000.30.11859.
St. John’s parish are always gra­te­ful of your con­ti­nued pray­ers and sup­port.
A warm wel­come for eve­ryone!

Yours in Christ,
St. Johan­nes, Apos­tel og Evan­ge­list menig­het.
Bredtve­tvei­en 12, 0950 Oslo