Letter from Ola Beisvåg

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Dear Paris­ho­ners,
ola beisvågAfter 28 years of being a priest, I will reti­re and move to Råde in Øst­fold this sum­mer. From 1986 to 1993 I was a priest in Bred­tvet and from 1993 I was a parish priest in Gro­rud. The last years I have been a senior priest in the new­ly con­so­li­dated Gro­rud Song dioce­se.
During all my years I have wor­ked with ecume­ni­cal coope­ra­tion with other churches. The­re is only one Gos­pel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, but we have 4 Evan­ge­list. This says that the Chris­ti­an fai­th can be expressed and prac­ti­sed in dif­fe­rent ways. That is why it is impor­tant that we as chris­ti­ans stand together with the Gos­pel and learn from each others lives, tra­dition and expe­ri­en­ces. This is my dream that one day we can cele­brate the Eucha­ri­s­tic together.
For me the mass is the cen­tral point of the Church’s life. That is why it was a big day for me when St. Olav Parish first was allow­ed to use Roms­ås Church. Now, I am happy that you, my brot­hers and sis­ters in Christ, St. Johan­nes Parish are using Bredt­vedt Church. I was the pas­tor at this church for seven years. The church has become beaut­i­ful and sol­emn and helps us to focus on holi­ness. Last Sun­day I saw the new cru­si­fix and I am look­ing for­ward to see­ing the new artwork behind the alter that will soon be in place.
The Nor­we­gi­an Church has many churches in Gro­rud­da­len that are avai­lab­le for Luthe­rans. The­re­fore ‚I am over­joy­ed that so many Cat­h­o­lics now also have a place to cele­brate mass. My wish is that you will also be able to take over the base­ment in the Church, so you will have enough room for the acti­vities in your Parish.
It is also my wish that my succes­sors will con­ti­nue the ecume­ni­cal work in Gro­rud­da­len.
God bless your parish and I will con­ti­nue to pray for St. Johan­nes Parish.
Ola Beis­våg