Parish Council 2014

Now is the time for plan­ning the election of Parish Council’s in the dioce­se of Oslo. The dead­li­ne of estab­lish­ing a coun­cil is the first of July.

This is very impor­tant step for the devel­op­ment of our con­gre­ga­tion, and will be the first coun­cil sin­ce the estab­lish­ment of our Parish on the 15th of March, 2013. We ask that eve­ryone takes time to pray for the Church’s deci­sions. We also encoura­ge all to be acti­ve in this election by eit­her nomi­na­ting can­di­da­tes or to be avai­lab­le as a can­di­da­te.

Election com­mittee mem­ber are:

Juwachim Regi­nold, Cin­dy S.C Cho, Fred­ric­que The­osophe, Joyce Ross Hem­ming­hytt og ekte­pa­ret Ben­ja­min og Ofe­lia Nace­no.

Who is eli­gib­le to be a can­di­da­te:

Para­graph 7, Sta­tu­tes for Parish Coun­cil in Oslo cat­h­o­lic dioce­se reads:

All con­gre­ga­tion mem­bers over age 16 who have rece­i­ved the sacra­ment of Con­fir­ma­tion can vote in elections to the parish coun­cil, being elected to the Parish Coun­cil and be appointed by the pas­tor to the parish coun­cil.

The parish coun­cil mem­bers are elected for two years. Next elections will then be in 2016. Par-ish coun­cil con­si­sts of: parish priests, 4 to 10 mem­bers elected by the con­gre­ga­tion, 1 to 3 mem­bers appointed by the parish priest (Sec­tion 4).

St. Johan­nes con­gre­ga­tion shall elect nine mem­bers of the con­gre­ga­tion and two will be appointed by the parish priest.

The parish coun­cil “shall the belie­vers, with those who by vir­tue of their offices share in the pas­to­ral care of the parish, hel­ping to pro­mote the pas­to­ral work” (CIC, can. 536 § 1; cf. Can­non-ball. 511–514 and 528 — 529).

We emp­ha­size that the mem­bers of the parish coun­cil are the fai­th­ful voi­ces for pro­mo­ting issues of the parish coun­cil, so that the church’s needs, con­cerns and pro­duc­ti­ve ideas for con­gre-gatio­nal devel­op­ment is rea­lized in the most cor­rect man­ner.

Election Day for Parish Coun­cil is sche­du­led: Sun­day June 22, the feast of Christ’s body and blood, after all mas­ses. Can­di­da­tes for election will be pub­lis­hed in the parish magazi­ne in week 24 and 25.

Nomi­na­tion of can­di­da­tes can be sent to: or by con­tac­ting the Election Com­mittee. The dead­li­ne for nomi­na­tions of can­di­da­tes is Satur­day 07.juni. After this date the Election Com­mittee will not accept nomi­na­tions. The com­mittee will during this time also find can­di­da­tes for election. Do not be sur­prised if you get the inquiry.

We encoura­ge eve­ryone to help build the church to the glory of God and the soul’s redemp­tion.

The election com­mittee wants to wish the con­gre­ga­tion good luck with your choi­ce.