Patron Saint Celebration

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Our Parish patron Saint St. John, Apost­le and Evan­ge­list, feast day is soon here. We will have our first Feast Day cele­bra­tion on Satur­day the 28th of Decem­ber at the 1300 hour mass and then a cele­bra­tion in the Church Recep­tion area.

We are for­tu­na­te and blessed to be able to rent Bredt­vedt church for our Cat­h­o­lic ope­ra­tions, with dai­ly mass cele­bra­tions , catechism clas­ses for child­ren, teena­gers, choir and reli­gious minis­te­ring for mul­ti natio­na­lities that are a part of our Parish. Today we have a litt­le more than 7500 mem­bers and are con­ti­nuous­ly growing and devel­o­ping.
Let us join together and pray for our Parish to be holy as we preach God ‘s King­dom to all nations.
During the light of this holy sea­son, we in-vite all of you to our Patron Feast at Mass on Satur­day the 28th of Decem­ber at 1300 hours and a par­ty following Mass.