St. Johannes has now established a Caritas Committee


We are pleased to announ­ce to the con­gre­ga­tions that a Cari­tas com­mittee is estab­lis­hed.

The com­mittee mem­bers are:

Juwachim Regi­nold chair­man, Cin­dy S.C Cho,
mem­ber, Joyce Ross Hem­minghhytt, mem­ber,
Ben­ja­min and Ofe­lia Nace­no, mem­ber, Leo­nie
Leo­nen Gelacio, mem­ber.

The com­mittee will meet regu­lar­ly so they can begin doing cha­ri­tab­le work in the parish. It is
not inten­ded that The Carita’s group will do all the work. All mem­bers of the parish are encoura­ged to par­ti­ci­pa­te in cha­ri­tab­le acti­vities for the bet­ter­ment of our parish and God’s Church. This is also a big part of the pas­to­ral work, we can offer. The group will focus on acti­vities for the elder­ly in Gro­rud­da­len, such as visi­ting ser­vices and pos­sibly having a lunch gat­he­ring during the day. The first acti­vity that the com­mittee will work on is St. Johan­nes 1 year anni­ver­sa­ry, on the 1st of May. We will inform you with more infor­ma­tion as the pro­ject pro­gres­ses. The next meeting will be Wed­nes­day, April 1st at 1900 hours in St.
Mat­teus meeting room. We will furt­her discuss what type of event is pos­sib­le and how we will orga­nize it. We wel­come ideas and sugge­stions. We are gra­te­ful for your input. We strong­ly urge that more peop­le join the group. Come to the meeting or send your sugge­stions to:

Juwachim Regi­nold: