Standing together against violence and persecution in Iraq

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Appe­al 13. August 2014

Irak2The Cat­h­o­lic Church and Cari­tas stand together in soli­darity for all peop­le who are perse­cuted and attack­ed by ter­ro­rist from the Isla­mic Sta­te (IS) in Iraq.

Chris­ti­ans, Yazi­dis and other minori­ties are sub­jected to serious abuse and need our sup­port. At least 200,000 Iraqis have been dis­placed just this last week. In Erbil, at least 180,000 have sought refu­ge. We condemn the perse­cution of both indi­vi­duals and reli­gious groups.

Pope Fran­cis pray­ed for the vic­tims of the con­flict in Iraq during his Ange­lus in Rome last Sun­day. He came with the following mes­sa­ge.

-Thou­sand of peop­le, inclu­ding many Chris­ti­ans, are bru­tally evicted from their homes, child­ren die of hun­ger and thirst whi­le fle­eing, woman are kid­na­pped, peop­le mas­sacred. The­re is vio­len­ce of all types and destruc­tion eve­rywhe­re. All this is pro­found vio­la­tion of God and a pro­found vio­la­tion of huma­ni­ty.

Cari­tas, the Church’s offi­ci­al sup­port orga­niza­tion, encoura­ges soli­darity with our fel­low human beings who are in this despe­ra­te situa­tion.

Chris­ti­ans in the West can not be indif­fe­rent to this. Seve­r­al of the camps report that new­born child­ren, old and sick now die from dise­ase, thirst and malnut­ri­tion.

Cari­tas Inter­na­tio­nal have alre­ady delive­red water, food and mat­tres­ses to over 3000 fami­lies in Erbil and other cities in the area.

On Sun­day the 17th of August our church col­lections will go to help vic­tims of vio­len­ce and war. We encoura­ge you to be generous in hel­ping our suf­fe­ring brot­hers and sis­ters in Iraq.

Bis­kop Bernt Eids­vig of the Oslo and Trond­heim Cat­h­o­lic Dioce­se
Bis­kop Berislav Grgić av Tromsø stift
Martha Skrette­berg, Gene­ral Secre­ta­ry in Cari­tas Nor­ge