The first month in the Holy Year of Mercy

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De15The Holy Year of Mer­cy has for­mal­ly launch with Pope Fran­cis sol­emn ope­ning of the Holy Door in St. Peter‘s Basi­li­ca last Decem­ber 8, 2015. Eme­ri­tus Pope Bene­dict XVI is also pre­sent in the said event. This mer­cy comes pri­ma­ri­ly from God the Fat­her, who sent his Son Jesus Christ to the world. The Chris­t­mas gos­pel (Luke 2:1–20) as we all fami­li­ar with and cere­moni­ous­ly prepa­ring to cele­brate, tell us accu­rate­ly and tho­roughly on how the city of David, Bethle­hem, fir­st­ly wel­comed and gave room to God‘s gra­ce and dwelt among us humans.

Action: Advent invi­tes us to reflect on what God did for us humans, that God beca­me human yet wit­hout sin. God did this to take away all sins humans have com­mit­ted, against God, against our fel­low humans and to our own selv­es.

Reflection: If we remem­ber the Rain­bow during Noah‘s time, whe­rein humans lifes­tyle was so focu­sed on sin that God in His wrath would destroy the earth. For a Crea­tor (God) who had come to the con­clu­sion of era­di­ca­ting His crea­tion (earth) is not an easy deci­sion. For 40 days, winds, storms, and thun­ders rava­ged the earth so much that all the sins drow­ned along with any sign of life. For­tu­nate­ly, not eve­rything is vanis­hed. Through God‘s mer­cy and gra­ce, deli­ver Noah‘s fami­ly from the dilu­vi­um. And with Noah‘s fai­th­ful­ness and gent­le­ness, peop­le could live to the pre­sent day and hope­fully for many years to come. God pro­mi­sed that He will never destroy the earth becau­se of His anger, and the rain­bow is the sign of that pro­mi­sed. God let the dilu­vi­um hap­pe­ned inor­der to rin­se the peop­le from all sins so that the huma­ni­ty should be free from all sins. But we are all awa­re that the human thoughts are weak! As the human race devel­o­ped so comes the sin. Pri­de, gre­ed, jealou­sy, power and money, gos­sips and back­tal­ks makes humans go back to their errone­ous ways. But this time we will not be just cle­ansed with water from the dilu­vi­um but we will be cle­ansed by the Holy Spi­rit and our fai­th on Jesus Christ.

Con­si­de­ra­tion: What can I do to gain God‘s con­fi­den­ce? How do I inter­pret the mes­sa­ge of Chris­t­mas gos­pel in today‘s socie­ty? What are my weak­nes­ses? What are my strengths? Am I full of pri­de? Am i gre­edy? How often am I jealous of others? Do i have desire for power? Am I a sla­ve for money? Do I gos­sip a lot? Do I talk behind other back and abased them whi­le exal­ting myself?

Pray­er: I pray with all my heart to love you God with all my heart and mind, help me to love my fami­ly mem­bers, rela­ti­ves, fri­ends, acquin­tan­ces, and fel­low human that I meet everyday.God, teach me and give me coura­ge and strength to forg

Deed: I will give smi­le to eve­ryone I know, that it may bring them joy. I will respect others, that I may learn to respect you, my God. I will pray for others, that by doing so, Your great mer­cy will be bes­tow­ed upon me. I will visit You more in the House of the Lord so that you will not be lone­ly. I shall be generous, that it will learn me to be cha­ri­tab­le and com­pas­sio­na­te.